Montag, 29. Februar 2016

AppNana Codes for Android

We seem to be opting for smaller sizes, compactness and ease of use as a sign of progress of technology. It therefore comes as no surprise that mobiles are the mainstay of today's times. It follows the trend when computers were replaced by laptops, laptops by tablets and finally tablets have been overtaken by phones.

Phones have been made extra useful and feasible with incredible new apps coming on the market. While some of the most useful apps are found usually in their paid versions, the developers also offer a trial version of their apps, which though has fewer options, is a great way to deduce which app would be best for us.

This is why people are always on a lookout for apps that will notify them about paid apps becoming free or help them gain points or credits that can be used to get paid apps for free. A similar app such as this is free App Nana hack for Android. It not only offers you to earn money through cash points or AppNana codes, but have fun while doing so too!

So what is this incredible app about? Quite simply, this is an App where you can collect coins and exchange them later to gift cards, cash points etc. All one has to do is install App Nana on your android mobile devices or tablets. Through App Nana, one will come across free games that if you play, you can earn the AppNana Codes. Codes for App Nana  are basically the app's own form of credits and points that one can allow to cumulate and then cash them in for great rewards! You can choose from amongst several rewards like cash on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play Store, Pay Pal Cash and Windows phones' Xbox Live. Through the cash you get in exchange for the AppNana codes, you can purchase all sorts of paid apps like games, messaging apps and productivity apps etc. 

It was initially launched at iPhone's App Store but it became so immensely popular that it was also launched on Android. An idea about its popularity and use any be estimated by the fact that users have earned over $5 million in apps and games from it! A great advantage for iPhone users is that just by visiting the App Nana website on safari on your iPhone, one will be able to access more offers and rewards!

So if you have been eyeing an app on the market that might be too expensive for your taste or if you are waiting for it to go free one fine day then wait no more. Install App Nana and play the games to earn the App Nana codes through which you can get your favorite app for free!